Do you understand the rules of the “11.11” Shopping Festival?

Tomorrow is November 11 again, the Singles’ Day.

Are you still single?

The Singles’ day–“Double 11” has already been a popular festival in China.In 1993, four senior students at Nanjing University came up with the idea of organizing activities on Nov 11 as a day for single people. With more and more people joining in, this festival was gradually adopted by society; with the spread of media and online culture, Singles’ Day is now hugely popular.Meanwhile, “Double 11” originated from the online promotion held by Taobao (Tmall) on Nov 11, 2009. On Taobao, you nearly can buy anything you want online, you can get the maxmium discount  on “Double 11” which won’t be availble in other time of the year.


Do you understand the rules of 

the “Double 11” Shopping Festival?


First of all, if you don’t know what is Double Eleven(双十一), just have a look the post below.In the previous years, the rule was quite simple: half price for all the commodities.However, since 2017, the rules become complicated.Let’s take a look of some examples.


The important information on this picture is:

This cellphone normal daily Price is 1298. After paying the 100 yuan deposit before 11.11, the final price will deduct 100 yuan first.

Chinese Meaning:


It means that you need to pay 100rmb as deposit before November 11th.

满1198减50。mǎn 1198 jiǎn 100。

It means on November 11th, you will get 100rmb discount if the normal price is above 1198 yuan, so only 1198-100=1098 that you need to pay.

So if you have paid 100 yuan deposit for the 64GB mobile phone before November 11th, you can pay the remaining 998 yuan for this mobile phone, total 1098 yuan; if you take the 128GB one, 300 discount you will get.

And this shop has prepared an activity that the first 500 buyers start from 1:00 am on November 11 will receive an additional gift of power bank (portable charger) , so if you would like to buy, turn on your clock and rush to purchase the position in the first 500 buyer’s list.


Another example

Check the green circled part, it is written:

11.11当天每满400减50   11.11dāng tiān měi mǎn 400jiǎn 50。

It means on November 11th, you will get 50rmb discount for every 400rmb that you need to pay. And you can buy different goods and put into the chart, as long as the goods total price is above 400 yuan, you will get 50 yuan discount at the final clearing page.

It is a coupon offered by Taobao. It can be used at all the shops on or Taobao and Tmall apps.


You just need to press the  to get this coupons from the shop.

And there are several different coupons.(different shops offer different coupons.)

200减20 : 20rmb off for every 200rmb

400减50 : 50rmb off for every 400rmb

600减30 : 30rmb off for every 600rmb

1000减50 : 50rmb off for every 1000rmb

Is your maths good enough? Shopping on Taobao on the 11th will be a test.


Most of the maximum discount activities will be around the 0:00 on November 11. Some as the first 5 customers will have a free order, first 100 customers will get 50% discount, and some other amazing promotional gifts.

This one you can not miss, the first 1000 customers who paid at 0:00 will receive a HUAWEI MATE 30 (5G) mobile phone if you pay more than 600 yuan in this shop.

Can’t wait? 

Most of the discount and lowest price will just come exact at 0:00. Before that you can just search in Taobao and put your interested goods in your shopping cart first, and then wait to press the clear cart and pay the bills button at 0:00. 


In addition, get a special coupon upto 1111 yuan from by just copying the following Taobao code (Copy and open in Taobao APP)


You can grab 3 times Hongbao everyday, and the biggest is 1111 yuan. All the hongbao can be add up until you use it on November 11, 2019

Don’t forget to get a lucky hongbao every day by searching the code “638760220” in top searching box on Ali Pay APP.

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