2020 HSK Schedule

2020 HSK Test Schedule has been published, settle your plan now to join it.

How to check the HSK results?

It is easy to check the HSK results on the homepage of the official website www.chinesetest.cn.

2019 HSK Test Dates


Key Points to Pass the HSK

1. What will be tested and how to register?2. What format the test will be?3. How many items in test?4. What’s the time limit?5. What is the total score and what is the passing score?

How to reset the password for the account of HSK website?

Please follow the process below to reset your password for the account of HSK website.

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How to fill the HSK answer sheet?

Most of the items in HSK are multiple choice questions, students must mark the right answer on the HSK anwer sheet with a 2B pencil and make sure the answer is fully marked as showed. It will be checked by machine after sumbitting to HAN BAN.

Where can I find the exam place and time for HSK?

The exam location and exam time has been showed on this admission ticket, exam takers must be punctual and bring the admission ticket to the exam room.

How to print the HSK Admission Tickets online?

After we have registerd and paid for the HSK, the last step is to print the test admission ticket. Just follow the steps below

Where can I find HSK Syllabus?

HSK syllabus

To prepare for HSK, we need to know the examination Syllabus well. It can be found at the bottom of the website www.chinesetest.cn as showed in the following pictures: Step One Step Two Then you can download the PDF examination syllabus of different HSK level on your computer. Source: www.chinesetest.cn Find more about HSK on ExpatsTips.com HSK Level 4 Vocabulary What is HSK How to register HSK test online HSK Test Regulations Old HSK VS New HSK