Key Points to Pass the HSK

Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency, assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using the Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives. HSK consists of six levels, namely HSK (level I), HSK (level II), HSK (level III), HSK (level IV), HSK (level V), and HSK (level VI).

The HSK is basically designed according to the syllabus of different levels.


To pass the HSK, the key point is that you must clear the following questions:1. What will be tested and how to register?

2. What format the test will be?

3. How many items in test?

4. What’s the time limit?

5. What is the total score and what is the passing score?

6. What is the HSK regulations?

7. Where can I get a sample test paper to have a practice?

8. Where can I get books and materials for preparation?

9. What is the efficient way to enhance my listening, reading and Chinese Written abilities in a short time?

10. What should I pay attention to during the test?


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List of tips and answers for the above questions.



What will be tested and how to register?


→ What is HSK?

→ How to register for HSK online?

→ What’s the next step after HSK registration?

→ How to print the HSK Admission Tickets online?

→ Where can I find the exam place and time for HSK?


What format the test will be?


How many items in test?


What’s the time limit?


What is the total score? 


what is the passing score?


→ Introduction to HSK Level III

→ Introduction to HSK Level IV

→ How hard is HSK Level V?

→ Where can I find HSK Syllabus of different HSK level?



What is the HSK regulations?


HSK Regulations

How to fill the HSK answer sheet?


What is the efficient way?


→ Enhance Chinese characters writing ability in a short time


What should I pay attention to during the test? 


If it is the first time for you to take this test, you must listen to the invigilators’ order carefully and always check the time limit for each item.

For multiple choice questions, you can even guess a answer if you cannot understand the question. 

Fill in all the items and write the Chinese characters clearly.


→ How to fill the HSK answer sheet?


Where can I get a sample test paper?

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