How to register for the HSK test

It is important to get registered online for HSK test first. Only after the registration and payment for the HSK test, you can sit in the HSK.

Here is a tutorial to share with you how to register for the HSK online.

Tips: Please use Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers to log in this website (not Google Chrome), otherwise it will not work well.

Step 1  Website Account Creator

Open the official website

If you are using Chinese Language syestem, after you open the index, please push the English link on the top.

The English Version of the website
Then push the New User button to creat an account first.

Input your personal real information according to your passport and status

Account Created Successfuly.

Step 2 Register HSK Level Test

2. Choose the Level, here we choose HSK level 4 as an example

3.It is very important to choose the right test center and confirm the address of that test center.

Select HSK test center

4. Pictures uploading. Pay attention to the instructions of the picture requirments.

6. Confirm your infomation again

7. Sucessfully pre-registered and go to the payment page.

Step 3 Payment

Choose the way of payment from the three online services.

Alipay and Wechat is not applicable for this payment, you must pay with an union pay card.

Then it will popup to remind you that the total fees

Then you will go to this page.


After you finish payment, the HSK authorities will send you a confirmation Email with your personal informations through

Isn’t it easy to register for the HSK online? With this guidance, hope you can also do that by yourself.

Have a nice day^_^


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