How to reset the password for the account of HSK website?

Please follow the process below to reset your password for the account of HSK website.
Situation One


The username is your email address, and the email address is available for receiving emails.

If you register the account of HSK website with your email address, but forget the password to login the website, you can press the “recover password” link to reset your password.

Input the same email used for registration to reset the password

The system will send an email to this email address to reset the password.

You can check the inbox of your email account, and find the following email.


After you click the password reset link,  you will finally go to the password reset page, you just need to input a new passowrd and confirm it. 

Then you can sign in the website with the email and the new password.


Situation Two

The email address is wrong or not for available receiving emails

You can either register another account on this website with valid email address or you can contact the test center to combine your new email address to your account, then you follow the above first solution to reset the password.


Hope this article will help you in some way.


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