How to register a Taobao Account?

What is Taobao?

Perhaps all your friends around are talking about Taobao, but as a foreigner you may still do no have a Taobao Account until now.

In China more than 600 million people has Taobao account, and everyday there are more than 50 million people visit Taobao (website or APP).

Why Taobao?

Shopping online in Taobao is much cheaper and more convenient, and you will have more choices than shopping mall. And it is safety, even you don’t like what you buy when you receive it, you can return it back in 7 days without any charge (except some special products).

But for a foreigner, it would be hard to register a Taobao account because it only has Chinese Version, but it would be a good way to improve your Chinese level, isn’t it?

How can a foreigner register a Taobao account?



1. Register a sim card with your passport, remember your mobile phone number which is 11 numbers in total.

2. Register a Chinese bank account by using your passport and the mobile phone number, usually the bank will ask you to set a 6 numbers password and give you a union pay debit card, the card number is your account number, and the bank account name (normally same as your name on the passport, most banks put the first name behind your last name) is on the receipt they provide, it is suggested to save this receipt well.

Whole Procedure

Step 1

Download a Taobao App from app store (do not open first, if you just open and register with your  mobilephone number, you can not receive the  Hongbao for new comers. )

Step 2

Copy the following messages, then Open Taobao App for getting a new Taobao Account lucky money upto 188 yuan, each new customer will get a 10 yuan coupon immediately. 

Download Taobao APP to get at least 10 yuan Hongbao!

Copy the whole message in this blue column,  press home button on your cell phone,  then open Taobao APP.



When you Open Taobao App, you can click as following:

Notes: you can 100% get the lucky money when you register a new Account.

Step 3

 Click “新用户注册” to start register.

Step 4

Input your cellphone number and click the red button to continue.

Step 5

Move the button from left to right to verification.

Step 6

Input the verification code which you will receive by a phone messeage.

Step 7

Seting your user account and password, and confirm.

Step 8

Click setting, and click “我的收货地址”to set the address.

Step 9

 Connecting with Alipay and bank account. as following.

click “账户与安全”, then connect with Alipay, then seting the bank account.

Step 10

Click my Alipay

Step 11

Connect your Alipay with your bank account as followed.

Step 12

Fill in your bank card information.

Finish all the above steps, you will have a Taobao account and Alipay Account.

Taobao can only support Chinese Language, if you are looking for English service, you can scan the following QR code, and ask our proferssional staff Lisa to invite you into an English Taobao group, there are huge discount coupons in the group everyday.

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