How to print the HSK Admission Tickets online?

After we have registerd and paid for the HSK, the last step is to print the test admission ticket.

Just follow the steps below:

Step 1


Login with your user name and password on and go to the personal information center.


Step 2


Go to the personanl information page to check your information is correct or not.



If all the information is correct, press the “Print tickets” at the left side menu, then you can see the link to print the HSK admission tickets at the right side.

Step 4 


Check all the information on the final admission ticket, then press print at the right side corner.


The HSK test taker must carefully check whether the information on the test admission ticket is accurate and correct after receiving it. The name, gender, birth date and ID card number on the test admission ticket must be consistent with those on the valid certificate, otherwise the test taker shall be refused to take part in the exam.

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