How to fill the HSK answer sheet?

Most of the items in HSK are multiple choice questions, students must mark the right answer on the HSK anwer sheet with a 2B pencil and make sure the answer is fully marked as showed. It will be checked by machine after sumbitting to HAN BAN.


The following is an empty sample of HSK Level  answer sheet.


Attention: HSK candidates must fulfill the information at the top of the answer sheet, the name, nationality, gender, age, ticket number must be the same to the numbers on the candidate’s HSK admission notice.

Do check again the number of the item while you marking(scrawling) all the answers, if one line goes wrong, it may influence all the answers in the below line.


Official Examination Process



About Test scores


1.Score enquiry

One month after taking the test, test takers can log into the Chinese testing service website ( and enter his/her test admission ticket number as well as name to view the test scores.

2. Score report

The printed official test score reports will be delivered to the test center within 2 months after the test date, and test takers can get it there by presenting their test admission tickets.

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