Enhance Chinese characters writing ability in a short time

I can listen and speak Chinese.

I can read Chinese.

But I just can not write a single Chinese Character on paper!

That’s too difficult for me!!! 



Source:Sogou pictures

My dear friend James was saying to me last time when we met. She was a first year Chinese Language student in Nanjing Normal University.

I believe it is the same to other foreigners who are studying Mandarin now.

Now Expatstips.com will shall you some efficient tools to improve the skill for Chinese Writing. Hope it will be helpful.

The tools will easily create automation pictures on your computer as below

Isn’t it amazing?  It’s just free for you now.


How to get the tools?


Step 1

Follow us on wechat

Scan and long Press  ↑↑↑  to follow us on wechat



Step 2

Reply “free tools” in the bottom column or press the menu hot tips and tap the “Free Tools” Menu.



Step 3

Follow the instructions in the pop-up article.

Don’t miss this chance to improve your Chinese Charater Writing skills in a short time!

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