Do you understand the rules of the “11.11” Shopping Festival?


First of all, if you don’t know what is Double Eleven, just have a look the post below.

Business Etiquette and Protocol in China

Relationships & Communication The Chinese don’t like doing business with companies they don’t know, so working through an intermediary is crucial. This could be an individual or an organization who can make a formal introduction and vouch for the reliability of your company. Before arriving in China send materials (written in Chinese) that describe your company, its history, and literature about your products and services. The Chinese often use intermediaries to ask questions that they would prefer not to make…

Doing Business in China

Business cards If someone hands you a business card, always take it with two hands. If you hand a business card to someone, make sure the writing faces the person to whom you are giving the card. Do not immediately put the business card away in your coat or wallet, keep it visible and in your hand. If you are seated at a table, keep the business card face up on the table. Planning / Making Schedules For the most…