How to talk about the cold weather in Chinese?

Sharing tips for foreigners how to talk about cold weather in Chinese Language

2020 HSK Schedule

2020 HSK Test Schedule has been published, settle your plan now to join it.

How to register a Taobao Account?

Perhaps all your friends around are talking about Taobao, but as a foreigner you may still do no have a Taobao Account until now. Here we share you the easiest way to register for a Taobao Account.

How to check the HSK results?

It is easy to check the HSK results on the homepage of the official website

2019 HSK Test Dates


Key Points to Pass the HSK

1. What will be tested and how to register?2. What format the test will be?3. How many items in test?4. What’s the time limit?5. What is the total score and what is the passing score?

How to reset the password for the account of HSK website?

Please follow the process below to reset your password for the account of HSK website.

Enhance Chinese characters writing ability in a short time

“I can listen and speak Chinese. I can read Chinese. But I just can not write a single Chinese Character on paper! That’s too difficult for me!!! ”     Source:Sogou pictures My dear friend James was saying to me last time when we met. She was a first year Chinese Language student in Nanjing Normal University. I believe it is the same to other foreigners who are studying Mandarin now. Now will shall you some efficient tools to improve…

How to fill the HSK answer sheet?

Most of the items in HSK are multiple choice questions, students must mark the right answer on the HSK anwer sheet with a 2B pencil and make sure the answer is fully marked as showed. It will be checked by machine after sumbitting to HAN BAN.

A strong cold front is on the way to hit!!!

There will be a strong cold front coming soon